Wilson Bridge Rd Corridor Enhancement Project

Wilson Bridge Road Enhancement
North High Street Corridor Focus Area

The Wilson Bridge Road Corridor Enhancement Project further implements the streetscape recommendations found in the Wilson Bridge Road Corridor Study. Adopted in 2011, the Study makes recommendations for the Wilson Bridge Road corridor from the Olentangy River to the west to the Railroad Crossing to the east.

A steering committee made up of area residents, business owners, community groups and City leaders was created in 2014 to review and provide feedback on proposed enhancements.

The Wilson Bridge Road Corridor Enhancement Project will focus on a variety of short term (1-10 years) and long term (10+ years) improvements for the corridor. The short term recommendations will build on streetscape improvements, street trees, street lights, sidewalk, and crosswalk improvements throughout the corridor. The plan also recommends the extension of a 10’ multiuse path from High Street east towards the Community Center, with the eventual connection further east with the East Wilson Bridge/Worthington-Galena/Huntley Road intersection improvement tentatively scheduled for construction in 2019.

Wilson Bridge Road Corridor Enhancement Project

Information & Feedback

For questions and comments, please email planning@worthington.org or call the Department of Planning and Building at (614) 431-2424.

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