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Comprehensive Plan Update

After an extensive public process, Worthington City Council approved an update to the Comprehensive Plan in September 2014 which stated its desire for a mix of uses on the UMCH owned site. The Visioning UMCH process provided a framework for development with the long term goal of fostering mixed uses to include a variety of housing products that meet community needs, new office and retail space, and new public and green spaces. (Note: The UMCH Focus Area was updated again on January 18, 2022) 

The City believes that this site is one of the best opportunities for redevelopment in all of Central Ohio, with approximately 40 acres sitting inside the beltway and along High Street. The redevelopment of the UMCH property is a significant opportunity for Worthington. The opportunity is to create a very distinctive, walkable mixed use development that is special and distinctive in the region, while at the same time carefully integrated with our strong, historic community.

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