Boundless / Harding Hospital Site

The I Am Boundless Worthington Campus is a care and support center for children and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is located at the former site of the historic Harding Hospital and is accessible via Proprietors Road just south of 161.

September 2021 update

Boundless, formerly known as Franklin County Residential Services, is expanding its Worthington operations to become a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), allowing the campus to provide health care to the surrounding community and the campus population it already serves. 

To create new healthcare and educational facilities, campus buildings G and H will be the first to be renovated. Improvements also include a new loop road and parking connecting to these two buildings. 

Boundless has submitted a proposal that will be discussed at the October 28, 2021 Architectural Review Board meeting. 

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Previous Updates

Boundless conducted a master planning process to study ways to optimize the use of the 45-acre campus while honoring the history and natural beauty of the location and surroundings.

As part of this planning process, potential partnerships were announced in September 2019 between Boundless and two community-focused entities, Worthington Schools and National Church Residences.

Worthington Schools is considering the purchase of 13.7 acres of land on the southeast edge of the property as a potential location for a new Colonial Hills Elementary School.

History of Harding Hospital Site

Harding Hospital was founded in 1916 by George T. Harding II, MD to provide treatment for people with physical, mental, social and spiritual needs, and operated on its 45-acre Worthington campus until 1999, when it became part of The Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center. In 2014, Step-by-Step academy purchased the property and provided mental health services out of some of the buildings. In 2017, Step-by-Step merged with I Am Boundless, formerly known as Franklin County Residential Services, which is now headquartered at the site. More Harding Hospital history from Worthington Memory

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