Franklin County Residential Services

Franklin County Residential Services, Inc. (FCRS) is a private not-for-profit organization, which has been providing direct services and residential options for the intellectual and developmentally disabled (primarily) adult population throughout Central Ohio for over 30 years. Step By Step (SBS) Academy, located in Worthington at the former Harding Hospital site, is a private non-profit mental health center that provides services to individuals with autism, developmental disabilities and mental illness. The two organizations have been collaborating and advocating alongside each other for over a year. Effective last November, FCRS entered into a management contract with the SBS Academy. The Boards of Trustees for both FCRS and SBS, along with the leadership teams, developed a 120-day management agreement which allows key people of FCRS to support the operations of SBS. The goal is to merge the two organizations which have similar missions to support individuals with mental, behavioral, intellectual and developmental disabilities. The 120 day management contract expires in March 2017. It is assumed there will be a mutually beneficial merger resulting from this management contract. Representatives of FCRS are attending the January 9, 2017 City Council meeting to discuss their organization, their work with Step By Step and their plans for the former Harding Hospital site.

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