McCord Park Master Planning Process

Thank you to everyone who attended the McCord Park Open House or provided input on-line.  The feedback will be shared with the Parks and Recreation Commission and City Council as the process moves forward.  We will keep this page active to provide updates as the planning process continues.  If you have any questions, please contact Worthington Parks and Recreation at 614-436-2743.

At their April 17 meeting, the Parks and Recreation Commission discussed the feedback from the Public Open House and their ideas for moving forward.  After much discussion, comments from guests, and sharing of various ideas about how to move forward, the following motion was made and approved four votes to three: 

Move that the originally recommended concept plan for McCord Park from October (current Option A) be recommended to City Council with the understanding that the phased construction of McCord Park keep the current garden in place as long as possible and at a minimum through the end of 2019, that the new garden location be identified and initiated immediately including marking of plots and soil improvements with the intention current gardeners be given priority for the new plots, that the relocation of the existing garden be contingent on the successful identification and implementation of a new garden site, and that the plan show a small demonstration garden to be utilized for education and awareness in McCord Park.

The Parks and Recreation Commission made a presentation of their recommendations to City Council at the May 14 City Council Meeting.  Public comments were made afterwards.  At the conclusion of the meeting, City Council asked staff to draft legislation approving the Master Plan with three options for the area surrounding the Community Garden available for their discussion and selection the next week.  At their May 21 meeting, City Council approved Option C for the McCord Park Conceptual Master Plan which leaves 80 percent of the existing garden in McCord Park.

City Council agenda information can be found here when posted.

Approved McCord Park Conceptual Master Plan

McCord Park Concept Plan Options_2018_option C