Mural Policy Development

The City of Worthington is working to develop guidelines for murals in the City. City Council has directed staff to convene a task force to work on this issue.


The Old Worthington Partnership submitted plans for a mural to be painted on the side of La Chatelaine on High Street. The Architectural Review Board denied the proposal, which was considered according to sign guidelines which state a sign can have no more than four colors. Initially the Partnership appealed the decision to City Council, but withdrew its appeal prior to the hearing.

Recent proposals for murals have spurred a recognition that Worthington does not have a policy or guidelines in place for how murals should be handled. City Council has expressed interest in the development of a policy and/or guidelines for murals and has asked the City Manager to make recommendations of individuals to serve on a task force and work on this issue. The City Manager has been asked to make recommendations on the purpose, process and composition of the task force at the first City Council meeting in January, which will be held on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

Residents can stay informed about this process by signing up to receive electronic notifications. Please follow this link to sign up. We welcome community input and feedback as this process moves forward.