Mural Policy Development

Proposals for murals in Old Worthington have spurred a recognition that the City does not have a policy or guidelines in place for how proposals for murals should be considered. At the request of City Council, a task force was convened to provide recommendations on policy options for City Council to consider. City Council may then direct staff and the Code Review Committee to draft regulations based on options framed by the task force.

September 4, 2018 Task Force memo and report to City Council

Task Force Meeting Materials & Background Information

5/23/18 Agenda
5/23/18 Presentation
4/18/18 Agenda
4/18/18 Presentation
3/21/18 Agenda
3/21/18 Presentation
3/21/18 Handout about First Amendment Limitations on Government Regulations of Artwork

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For more information, contact the Planning and Building Department at email or call 614-431-2424.

Task Force Members
City Representatives
Christy Caine, Resident
Karen Wilson, Resident
Gail Caldwell, Resident
Beth Dekker, downtown merchant, Igloo Letterpress, Old Worthington Partnership
Kate LaLonde, Worthington Historical Society
Jon Cook, McConnell Arts Center
Scott Myers, City Council Member, President Pro Tem
Mikel Coulter, Municipal Planning Commission, Chair
Lee Brown, Director of Planning and Building
Lynda Bitar, Planning Coordinator
Tom Lindsey, Director of Law