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Sidewalk Repair Payment

  1. City of Worthington Codified Ordinance 907.04 states that it is the owner or occupants responsibility of any parcel of land in the City to keep sidewalks in good repair. If the Department of Service & Engineering determines that a parcel's sidewalk is in need of repair, the Department of Service & Engineering will issue repair notices to owners or occupants of real estate whose sidewalks are in violation of the section provisions. Such notice to repair, pave or repave sidewalks shall require such work to be accomplished within thirty (30) days from the date of notice with a private contractor, or the resident may choose to have the repairs completed by the City's contractor.
  2. If the owner or occupant elects into using the City's contractor, payments can be made in full per the billing notice a owner or occupant receives. The owner or occupant has the option to elect into a payment plan with the City in exchange for agreeing to pay a monthly amount over a 12-month period. If the amount billed is not paid in full over the 12-month period, a property lien will be filed against the parcel upon which the sidewalk repairs are located.
  3. Sidewalk Repair Information
    Please enter the name and address of the parcel indicated on the billing notice. You only need to make payments here if you are having the City's contractor repair your sidewalk.
  4. Opt into a payment plan?*
    Please indicate whether you would like to opt into a payment plan. Opting into a payment plan allows you to pay for your sidewalk repair over a 12 month period and notifies the City. If electing into a payment plan, it is your responsibility to pay the monthly fee, the City will not send you an invoice.
  5. Enter in the payment amount per your billing notice. If opting into a payment plan, please enter an amount you agree to pay monthly.
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