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Selby Park


  1. Drinking fountain
  2. Open green space
  3. Picnic tables
  4. Playground
  5. Shelter house
  6. Tot lot
established 1964
Selby Park is situated in the middle of a quaint neighborhood. In 1941, this 4.7-acre piece of land was plotted as a park, but wasn’t developed until 1964. Selby Park features an enclosed shelter house with restrooms, a playground, tot lot, picnic tables, drinking fountain and plenty of green space. The shelter house and playground were both renovated in 2000. Selby Shelter House can fit up to 40 people comfortably and is the only park shelter that can be reserved.  This park also hosts Colonial Hills Civic Association’s Fourth of July festivities and is often the site of summer day camp and program activities for children.